Our Services

High Desert Scrubs, LLC.

High Desert Scrubs is a company based in Hesperia, California, offering medical   accessories, scrubs and more. We are committed to creating a better care   experience in the medical sector. We provide comfortable and quality products   at decent pricing. Our Dress-A-Med scrubs come with a two-year guarantee.

We also offer alterations and embroidery options to our clients.


High Desert Scrubs, LLC.

We respect your specific choices and provide personalized services. We offer alteration services for scrubs which are purchased internally or even from other stores. Alteration services can be used for sleeves, pants, and waist hemming.

Our skillful team alters your scrub for a comfortable fit.

Schedule an appointment today for scrub alteration.



We, at High Desert Scrubs, offer embroidery services. We have the best designs with multiple options. Visit our store for any specific embroidery work and we will do it for you in no time.