About High Desert Scrubs

High Desert Scrubs is a mom and pop store, offering medical accessories at affordable prices. We serve across Hesperia, California, and offer both online and offline shopping. Our product range includes medical scrubs, uniforms, stethoscopes, and more. We are client-oriented and provide customized services to ensure customer satisfaction.

High Desert Scrubs, LLC.

The Purpose Behind High Desert Scrubs

We started High Desert Scrubs in 2018 with a vision to provide affordable medical clothing and accessory options to nurses, students and other medical professionals.

Dress-A-Med is an in-house brand and has been in the business since 1980. Our warehouses are located locally, which means that customers can get their shipment conveniently. We offer a two-year guarantee on Dress-A-Med scrubs. 

High Desert Scrubs, LLC.

Our Values

  • Honest & open communication.
  • Commitment to clients.
  • Product quality.
  • Reliability.

High Desert Scrubs, LLC.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our stores are available offline and online.
  • Our affordable products are anti-bacterial, and our fabric does not shrink or fade. 
  • We offer slim-fit and wrinkle-free options.
  • We have the best designs with multiple options.
  • We offer the warmest and most comfortable scrub jackets. 
  • We have seven-pocket basic scrubs. 
  • We offer a multi-pocket utility Aviator series for men.